Ulcers Board Game

"The fun game which gives you power over people."

Well that's the by-line anyway. Ulcers is board game made in New Zealand by Thos Holdsworth & Sons Ltd. The basic premise of the game is to circulate the board earning money which is used to acquire employees. The goal of the game is to cross the start line with a full complement of employees and to prevent your opponents from doing so by stealing their employees.

Here's the rules I've scanned in from the original sheet.

The game comes with a fairly standard set of playing pieces but do have some interesting art value.

Here's the board. A standard circuit but with 3 side paths when you land on the appropriate square.

The game seems to have been made around 1970 but there is no copyright date or information on the box or rules. Of special interest is that two of the side panels on the box are in French as are the bottom half of the “Ulcer Cards”. The game is manufactured in New Zealand and there is no major population of French speakers that I can find in the Southern hemisphere. It is difficult to believe the French would buy many copies with the front cover of the box entirely in English. Perhaps the target market for this was Canada. Perhaps some Canadian visitors may be able to clear this up. Also of interest is that Thos Holdsworth and Sons is still in business in Auckland New Zealand and is still in the game industry.






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